About Me


 Hi!  I’m Vivi… the Queen Bee of Busy Bees Scrapbooking Retreats.  I began scrapbooking when I was in high school (many, many years ago).  At that time, as you know, scrapbooking was very different than what it is today.  I would cut words out from my Seventeen Magazine and use them as titles.  I would also fill my pictures with “quote bubble stickers” where you would write any funny thing you wanted.  Yes, the good ol’days!  I scrapbooked through college, but once I became a teacher, got married and started having children, my scrapbooking years were over.  That is, until 11 years later, when a fellow teacher invited me to a scrapbooking retreat ( I had no idea what that was)…  and I was back!!  That was is 2006, and I’ve been an avid scrapbooker ever since.  Of course, I am way behind, as many scrapbookers are, but it’s the idea of one day catching up that keeps me going.  I moved to the Treasure Coast area in the Fall of 2013 and quickly looked for scrapbooking retreats.  Unfortunately, I could not find any in our area so … Busy Bees Retreats was born.   Well, that’s a little bit about me…. can’t wait to learn a little bit about you when you attend one of my Busy Bees Scrapbooking retreats.  See you soon!